College Chapel Restoration, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

In 2005 Kelbuild Ltd. began the Restoration of the Roof of the Church located on the Saint Patrick’s College Campus, home to the National Seminary and National University of Ireland, Maynooth also.

Two years later Kelbuild Ltd. were beginning the second phase contract to Restore the interior of the Church.

Phase 1 The church roof was completely renewed with Blue Bangor and Westmoreland Green Natural Slate.

  • A major part of this work was the extensive removal and reinstatement of all the lead to the valleys and parapets.
  • The temporary access scaffolding had to service the low and high roof, as well as reaching the top of the spire.
  • Highest priority had to be given to the protection and conservation of the almost priceless ceilings underneath.

Phase 2 seen the Bell Tower scaffold to its top to facilitate the cleaning down of the stone.

  • New structural steel was inserted at the Bell/Clock level to reinforce the existing structure.
  • The clock was completely refurbished with a new electrical mechanism installed.
  • Internal scaffolding was erected to facilitate the Restoration of the Stained Glass Windows by specialist contractors Emerald Stained Glass.
  • The windows were removed off site for refurbishment before being reinstalled.
  • The altar had to be protected for the duration of the works also.
  • Even to the present time, Kelbuild Ltd. erect temporary hoardings and protection about the same altar to facilitate maintenance works.
  • The Stone Roofs on the Apse Chapels were removed, restored and reinstated as original together with new cast iron guttering and downpipes.
  • Internally the ceilings of the Apse Chapels were in poor condition with dampness and flaking artwork.
  • Once the roofs were restored and watertight, the work on the ceilings could begin and were restored to their former glory by the specialist contractor, Conservation Building Services Ltd.