Parish Centre, Church of The Assumption, Booterstown

Following a Tender process in late 2017, Kelbuild Ltd. was awarded the project of Refurbishing and Renovating the Parish Centre for The Church of the Assumption, Booterstown.

The works will consist of a new entrance to the Parish Centre, including part removal of the existing wall, relocation of the existing sacristy, alteration/extension of the existing sacristy to provide a new entrance lobby, parish office and wash closet.

The lower ground floor will accommodate a large meeting room, server, storage and toilets, with counting room, records room and maintenance room store under the existing choir/back chapel area.

At upper ground level a new sacristy, meeting area and alter society room is to be provided. A new mezzanine floor will accommodate a lift lobby, 2 new meeting rooms and toilets.

The existing floor will accommodate a multi-purpose space including a server, wash closet and store, a new first floor is to be provided within the choir/chapel area to accommodate a multi-purpose lecture space with tiered seating.

The development will also include upgrading of existing windows, new passenger lift providing disabled access to all areas of building and re-opening previously blocked up door on the East Elevation of the Church of the Assumption.

The project has an expected finish date of September 2018.

In our gallery, you can see photos of the project at the demolition phase. We have also added progress photos to our gallery.