Project Description

St. Patrick’s Church, Trim – Restoration Works

Kelbuild Ltd were awarded the job of Refurbishing low and high level roofs and Repointing Stonework to Trim Church. The work was completed over multiple phases.

The works included Restoring and Refurbishing gables to the 2 side naves, Re-Point and Restore around the front entrance up to and including the sill line of the feature window at gallery level, Re-Point the 2 side porch where the roofs were Restored.

The works also included Restoration of the flat roof, in order to house the confession boxes at the base of the gables to the 2 side naves. The barge copings to the 2 side gables were marked and removed to storage and fit code 5 lead flashing to flash over the slate soakers to waterproof the gable walls, then clean and replace the copings and seal joints.

Also included in the works was the Restoration of the feature Stained Glass Windows in both gables to the side naves which included replacing the storm glazing and Restoring the Stained Glass to its original condition, Repair/ Replace any damaged or cracked glass as necessary.

Kelbuild also removed a Chimney from the East gable as it was leaning badly. Structural works were incorporated to stabilise the gable. The Chimney was then Rebuilt and Repointed.

The works also included Reroofing of the rear roof of the church. The existing slates were removed, there were new timbers and felt laid and new Blue Bangor slates were fitted.

The lead flashing on the rear of the church was suffering from metal fatigue and was cracked in many areas. These flashing were removed and replaced with new lead flashing,

Also, the back of the Church was Re-Pointed. The existing mortar was removed and the stone was cleaned the Repointed with Lime Mortar.

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